Sunday, August 27, 2006

Missed Her!

I got to Jazzhole for the Nadine Gordimer reading and immediately something felt off. The first thing was that I found a parking space easily. Then when I got in to the store, people were just standing around and no one was sitting in preparation to see her. There was a post-event feeling in the air.

I ran into a friend who asked whether I had caught the reading.

- What do you mean? I near shrieked. You mean it's over??????

- Yes, apparently she had to leave early for the airport. They had to move the time forward. Most people didn't know.

I didn't know either. I had been looking forward to seeing her. And I was on time too!!!!!!!!


ayoke said...

Just reading this after I posted my comment to your last blog? So, you didn't see her?? Many people missed seeing her 'cos she was there for so litle time.

Ore said...

No, she was there at the wrong time. The reading was advertised for 3 to 5pm, but apparently at the last minute (and it must have been literally at the last minute) was moved to 1. Even today's Guardian showed it as being from 3.

Ah well.......

Vixen said...

Well that just sucks! I know u were really looking forward to it---you even blogged about it!

Africainement said...

Pawww that sucks..:(

Ore said...

What can you do? There'll be other readings.

deji toye said...

Sorry Ore, for missing Nadine Gordimer. The shift was a last minute one and I only got a call to the effect on Sunday morning. She was going to cancel it and had to be persuaded to show up at an earlier time. She is quite a graceful old lady, with the fire still burning beneath those wrinkles. In any case, there were other events you could have attended to make up for it on Sunday, Wole Oguntokun's play at MUSON, Highlife Party at OJez and Beautiful Nubia's concert at Ikeja GRA. One managed to snatch bits of all events.

I was talking about the possibility of your blogging CORA's next Book & Art Festival, latest news is that CORA has just been announced one of the 10 Laurates of Prince Claus, the Hague-based organisation. If you visit you'll see CORA's citation.


Ore said...

Hi Deji,
I will blog about the book festival. I picked up a card about it at Jazzhole. I've been reading about it in the papers, particularly about the comics exhibition/showcase, so it looks like it has been getting quite a bit of good publicity already.

I didn't know about any of those other events on Sunday unfortunately. A friend told me about the play afterwards. Why is it that I find out about these things afterwards?