Friday, May 25, 2007

Here Come More Holidays

Oh, I love this country! We have a 2-day public holiday next week. Monday and Tuesday! Hand-over to our next government happens in Abuja on Tuesday. Oh, what shall I do with my unexpected holiday?


Vixen said...

Fo real, you are the only person I know that gripes about not having to go to work!!

So what are you doing with it?

Ugo Daniels said...

Naija is not serious at all. I mean in a year, there are like 1000 public wao!

Yu guys enjoy sha.

Nigerian Woman in Norway said...

LOL... enjoy yorself. why do we need a holiday for the inaugaration?

Ore said...

Ah don't get things wrong oh, Vixen! I definitely enjoy my time off. I ended up resting, hanging with friends and I went to Abuja on Monday.

The inauguration was held on May 29th, which has been Democracy Day for the last few years and I think that has been a public holiday (I can't remember about last year).