Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time for a Trim

I had a lovely long weekend. It kicked off with a great meeting with some incredible, opinionated and highly intelligent women (plus one lone male)! It was a focus group for True Love magazine, which I was invited to participate in. TL wanted to get feedback on how it's been doing, what its readers like, what we don't and what we would like to see more of. It was held at Pearl Garden, which just happens to be one of my favourite restaurants and one which I can't afford to eat at as much as I would like (that would be every other day).

I'll write more about the focus group later (it's 8 minutes to shut-down time here at work) and I like to beat the traffic as much as I possibly can. One thing I did say was that TL's hair page needs to focus more on natural hair (nevermind that the current issue discusses hair care for locs). Yes, it's perhaps a selfish request, but I know there are many other nappies out there who sometimes need a clue on some funky new styles.

I was checking out some photos of the writer, Tayari Jones - she also has natural hair- and seeing her healthy twist out reminded me that it's been ages since my last trim (yes, natural hair also requires regular trims). I think I'll do that when I get home.


adefunke said...

I need a trim to, but I fear that if I go to the beauty shop they will take inches of it!

Ore said...

I've had that experience quite a few times. Now, I always trim myself. I use the 'twist and trim' method i.e. you twist you hair and snip the ends. I always snip in a 45 degree angle, because apparently that's less likely to lead to split ends than cutting straight across.

I trimmed last night and my hair feels so much healthier.

Nigerian Woman in Norway said...

hi some product tips i use for my natural hair care:

fantasia IC gels give moisture and soft hold and definition. contains no alcohol, the best moisture gel for natural hair in my opinion.

organic root stimulator olive oil shampoo cleanses without stripping. SLS-free. i use this every fortnight.

herbal essences conditioners or suave's humectant conditioner. i condition daily.

and soft and frees 2 in 1 curl activator/moisturiser works as a great leave in conditioner.

Tayari Jones said...

Ty for the hair love:) I find that the best method for trimming hair is to straighten it first.. I know it's a lot of drama, but it makes for such a nice line when you do your twist-out. I get my pressed and trimmed about three times a year.

Suru said...

Is there any way True Love can make its magazine available to people overseas like the US? I love that magazine but can only get my hands on it when I go home (once a year). I know a lot fo people in the US who would love to have their regular fix of True Love here :-)

Ore said...

Tayari, thanks for stopping by. I did wonder how come your twist outs look so even. Now I know......

I used to get my hair straightened and trimmed, but I have not found a hairdresser in Lagos who I trust enough not to damage my hair, so in the meantime, I do it myself.

Suru, re: True Love mag, I don't know if they offer overseas subscriptions. Somehow I doubt it, but you can always search for their website and get in touch with them.