Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anti-Virus Software Choices

I'm in the market for a new anti-virus software. Any recommendations? Saw this interesting post by Chxta outlining pros and cons from his pov of some popular anti-virus packages. I'm looking to move away from Nortons.


adefunke said...

I recently moved from Trend Micro (I got it free at my old job) to McAfee. I had no issues with Trend Micro and I have had no problems with McAfee. Whatever you do sha, move from Norton as soon as U can.

TRAE said...

so how did the 30 day kaspersky trial go? i'd advice you now get the real thing online or at the "computer markets". cheers.

Ore said...

The Kaspersky trial was not bad actually. I had no complaints. I'm always curious to know what else is out there.

UnNaked Soul said...

Try Avira (google it), Avast (google it)
or find a way for my to send it to you...

they are both free and you get free updates as well...

thank me later with a bottle of red wine... *wink*

Gamine said...

Please Please dont move away from Norton

Norton still stands today as the best,
i attend a school that is crazily IT driven

The only con of Norton as i know it, is that it slows ur system
Otherwise its d best.

Norton Internet Security 2008 was voted the best by PC World.

Pls stick with it :)

others in competition;
AVG-i have this one

obyno said...

I suggest you go ahead and invest in Kaspersky. The only thing the other big three(Norton/Symantec, Trend and McAfee) have on Kaspersky is that they are the products of huge corporations. Sometimes you also buy into their insensitivity when you sign up with a huge corporation with respect to you support needs. Kaspersky is an upcoming company and in the last five years or so has been the fastest growing AV company in the world. Plus they have a user-friendly, non-complex control dashboard whose configuration is a real no brainer. Once your preferences are set, you may never need to go into the control panel again for as long as you own it. Updates, scans and other routine assignations are just accomplished automatically. And their support times are one of the fastest I have seen.
Oh yeah, I work closely with a company that is their biggest partner in West Africa, but this is not a sales pitch.Lol(I felt I had to make that clear. Was almost beginning to sound like their CIO)....
And thanks for showing care on my much abandoned blog. Had to focus on a project that was running away from control. Thankfully I have been able to rein it in.

obyno said...

And try not to do free. Free can only do what free can do,if it is not open-source. Freeware is only a way to employ software testers without paying them a penny. There's absolutely no responsibility to them or whatever harm the free software might afflict their computers with.