Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Learning About Living - For Youths

I'm always interests in ways that ICTs (information and communication technologies) can impact people's every day lives. So, it was some fascination that I read about the Living project, two informational services for young people launched yesterday in Abuja (nevermind the slightly sensational headline).

One of the services is MyQuestion, which will enable young people to ask questions about reproductive health through text messages, online or using a telephone hotline. The second service is the competition, MyAnswer, where young people have the opportunity of winning prizes by answering a monthly question.

The initiative aims to provide a comfortable and safe forum where Nigerian youths can learn about sexual health and related issues affecting adolescents. Check for more information.


Frances Uku said...

ah Ore, i wish i could be as plugged in as you are - this site is one of the most exciting things i've ever seen online. thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

frances, na so una dey start, leave my sister alone, this ya toasting no go reach anywhere. Sister ore, abeg erase weytin e talk for memory, na so so sugar this boys dey take talk.


Pearl said...

yeah thanks for posting the websites, some interesting stuff going on

Anonymous said...

For those who wonder what use a website is for a country that hardly has any internet access:
- the website has a 'create static' option. This is who it's being distributed in schools in Nigeria: on a CD or memory stick. (And hopefully on the OLPC and Classmate laptops as well.)

Furthermore there is an option to generate printable content so that it also possible to print a book with all the (beautiful) content in it.

jean-luc van Hulst
Finalist IT Group (the technical creators of the website)

Ore said...

Jean-luc, the 'create static' option as well as the ability to generate a printed version of the site is a wonderful idea. I hope many youths gain a lot from the initiative.

@Nkem, Frances is a girl. LOL!