Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Evolution of a Blog

I met up with a friend yesterday and we spent an afternoon discussing many, many things. We are both bloggers and at some point, the conversation turned to our blogs. He commented on how I never discuss any personal things on my blog. I responded that was intentional. I had decided on starting the blog that I would not reveal too many details about my self on my blog. He also commented on how serious I come across in my blog. Hmmm, okay that was not intentional but maybe the fact that I try to steer clear of writing anything that I consider too personal is to blame for that.

Over time though, I have been blogging less. I also visit other blogs much less than I used to. As for commenting on my blog or on others, I definitely do that much, much less than ever. I've noticed that unless you write about controversial issues or things that a lot of people would find interesting, you would naturally get less comments. A blog also needs to be nurtured i.e. posting regularly (the ideal is daily; several times a day if you manage it), responding to peoples' comments on your blog and visiting and commenting on other peoples' blogs.

Alas, alas, life gets in the way sometimes, especially as the initial excitement dies down. This year has seen the demise of many blogs, as the authors move on to other interests. Naijablog is a rare example of a blog that has sustained a consistency of posts since its inception. I wonder how Jeremy manages it. Maybe I'll develop the discipline for that someday.


...toyintomato said...

"I've noticed that unless you write about controversial issues or things that a lot of people would find interesting, you would naturally get less comments"

Bloggin, is generally, saying what you consider interesting to yourself, not anybody else.

personally, i dont think comments should be factored into this decision....
although, as Nigerians, out thirst for sensational/controversial news is alwasy a driving force..hahah

Anonymous said...

sister Ore, na true talk o! you don slack no be small. Before before na so so grammar you dey blow for this thing so tey woman dey get panadol ready before i open ya page. Nowadays, i no dey fear you again, the oyinbo no too dey plenty. More pomade for ya elbow.


Comrade said...

Well, it's the way of the world. It seems there are various categories of blogs. There would be the informational one, the Self-diary one, the academic/scientific one e.t.c These days, it seems like the self-diary blogs have taken over. Basically blogs are supposed to give everyone an opportunity to air his/her views.
The realisation is that the easiest way to get 60 comments is put a Sex post. But as they say- the sky is wide enough for all birds to fly in. You have to keep on doing what you want to do.

laspapi said...

The amount of traffic your blog gets might amaze you. There's a school of readers who never leave comments. They just tell you six months on, "oh, it was interesting to read such and such on your blog". You're a little bit more relaxed in writing now,I reckon. The most insight you used to give were holiday pictures.

Like Toyin said, blogging is what interests you.

I really dont need 60 comments on a post, not being in competition with anyone. My blog is a diary/journal/autobiography and perhaps someday, a book. And your style stands you out, Ore.

Kiibaati said...

My idea of a good blog is one in which you get to read something original.I have actually toyed with getting rid of comments altogether. A great blog authenticates itself.