Sunday, November 04, 2007



I'm watching some videos of Sade's and I am struck by how timeless all the videos look. Even the clothes that Sade wears don't scream "Help! Stuck in the 1980s!" I want that look!

As it is, I look at some of my old pictures and wonder what the hell I thought I was wearing. Luckily, I never crested the fashion wave too much - I believed too much in trying to discover my own style. My hair always looked really good though (yes, I am saying so myself!).


Oracle said...

Timeless; thatz a good topic

Sade looks simple in her videos.

The possibility of putting on clothes that would appear somewhat timeless is kinda slim coz new designs are created everyday.

Anonymous said...

Wey ya foto now make we for see, Sade true true fit dey timeless, but how we fit believe ya own. you for try release ya foto now, even sef you fit give am to ya friend come talk say, you no give them pammysioon o! Na so big stars dey take do am.