Monday, June 08, 2009

Exhibiting You

Do you want to share something special about yourself with the world? If you do, then perhaps you'll consider submitting something for the International Museum of Women (IMOW)'s Exhibiting You online exhibition.

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From January to September 2009, I.M.O.W. is Exhibiting You! As the museum prepares to debut a new online exhibition in October 2009, the I.M.O.W. Web site is showcasing the talents of our global online community.

We're looking for submissions that relate to I.M.O.W.'s mission to value the lives of women around the world.

Submit your work for consideration and share your art, creative writing, journalism, music, audio, photography, video and animation with a global audience.

We'll post new stories on a regular basis and announce Museum Picks in our email newsletter. Submissions that receive the highest star ratings and the most views will also be listed as the most popular stories.

Check the IMOW website for more info.

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