Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Twittering: An Update

I started Twittering close to a year ago and reported at the time that that I didn't really see what the point was. I sensed it might make more sense doing it from a mobile device, rather than having to go online via my computer.

Then this February, I signed up for twe2.com, which allowed me to received direct messages on my mobile phone from my twitter friends. This brought the whole experience a little bit closer to me, although I was slightly frustrated at not being able to sent 'tweets' from my phone. Although there is a UK number listed on the Twitter website that users in Africa can apparently send their tweets to, this has so far not worked for me. Maybe, Nigerians are not welcome for this service ......

Then, finally yesterday I downloaded TwitterBerry, which is a BlackBerry application that enables users to sent tweets from their BlackBerry. At last, this seems like it might start to work for me.

To help make more sense of the micro-blogging tool and especially to understand how it can be used for activism and advocacy, check out DigiActive's Guide to Twitter for Activists.

Then to top things off, we have our own Nigerian version, NaijaPulse, which is great because you get to connect with Nigerian twitterers?/tweeters? In addition you can update your Twitter and Facebook profiles from NaijaPulse.

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