Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rediscovering Music: Lenny Williams

I just got a new stereo and haven't been able to connect my iPod to it yet, because it uses a different cable from the last one.

So, instead of having the luxury of listening to my favourite songs from my iPod, I have been forced to listen to entire albums. I don't do this anymore, except for in the car and when I buy a new album (but then I quickly transfer my favourite songs to my iPod).

The surprising thing is that I have been discovering songs on my albums that I somehow overlooked.

First case in point: I have had Lenny Williams' Spark of Love album for at least 6 years and somehow never managed to make it past 'Cause I Love You and Changes.

Now, I've gotten to really listen to and like Half Past Love, I Still Reach Out, Midnight Girl, Think What We Have, You Got Me Running, Freefall (Into Love) and Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh!

This I am embarrassed to say is almost the entire album. That is the thing about the best song being the first song. Sometimes you just don't get to the rest of the album.


Alex said...

Cool man. You spent 6 years before listening to a track you had. That sounds ironic. But you identified the point correctly dude. We mostly buy any album to its first song only and seldom bear listening the last song (even if we someday wait after first song is over). Because many cheap web hosting sites provide us the songs we like almost free of cost making it less interesting to listen the complete CD. We simply add favorite songs in iPod and never get back to the CD.

Ore said...

It's a crying shame. I agree with you, Alex.

To make matters worse, this week I pulled out a Teddy Pendergrass album I've had for probably almost as long as the Lenny Williams and discovering songs on it that I really like. Again, it's because Close the Door is the first track on the album.