Sunday, January 03, 2010


Yay!!! It's a new year! 2010. I can hardly believe it. I wonder where the last year went to. It feels like just yesterday that it started and now it's over. It was a mixed bag of a year, with some phenomenal things happening to me. I met some incredible people, visited one new city - Tucson, nourished and grew my knowledge and relationship with God, became more comfortable as a Christian and a feminist, enjoyed time with the people I love and became more comfortable in my own skin. The non-profit I run survived it's first economic recession (or should I say, is still surviving ....) and our staff (including myself) won awards for our work.

Of course, it was also a very challenging year in many ways. The recession was hard on our fund-raising efforts. Proposals were turned down left, right and centre, which was disappointing.

However, I am still here surrounded by family and friends and for that, I am utterly thankful.

This year, I promise to make more time for fun and friends. I make that promise EVERY year and so far I don't think I have kept it as faithfully as I set-out to. I'll strive to make this year different.

Here's wishing everyone a 2010 that is unrivaled in terms of blessings, success and joy.


StandTall-The Activist said...

Happy new year.

Amaka Okafor said...

Ore, good you have resolutions to keep. I haven't made any in the past 2 yrs. I think my new year resolution will be to make new year resolutions!
Have a wonderfully blessed new year.

Ore said...

Thanks, Toyin!

Amaka, well I tend to set goals which I can easily measure, but some of them like 'having more fun' can be hard to assess. But, nevertheless, I keep trying to make fun a priority.

SongReach said...

Happy New Year Ore!

Ore said...

SR!!! Happy New year to you too! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Don Thieme said...

Happy New Year. You seem to have good priorities and I hope that the world will yield to your wishes.

Ore said...

Thank you, Don. I wish you very much the same.