Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Jane Austen Book Club

I feared that this would happen. I returned to work and have not finished the book I started weeks ago. It's not a lack of time, more like a lack of discipline. Well perhaps the next best thing to reading might be watching a film about people reading. Or maybe not? LOL!!!!!

I saw The Jane Austen Book Club over the weekend about ..... well the title says it really. So, a group of friends decide to start a book club devoted to discussing the works of Jane Austen only, because not only do they all love her books, they have also read them all and so don't have to take on the arduous task of reading new books for the club.

The film is quite predictable and revolves around many themes present in Jane Austen's books: love; independence; breaking free from the status quo; being true to one's self; and repression. I enjoyed it and it was the type of film that I needed to watch now.

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