Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tackling the Globe

One of my annual goals is to visit at least ONE new place every year. Last year wasn't so great for travelling, but I did visit Tucson, Arizona for the very first time. I'd wanted to go to Arizona for many years and never did manage to go there even when I lived in the same country.

Here is a lady who did much better, clocking about 100,000 miles last year. I actually discovered Kristin's blog - Camels and Chocolates - about this time last year, subscribed to her feeds and never once read her posts. So today I decided that I'm subscribed to too many blogs that I don't read and started going through them (when I should be working on a proposal BTW). I clicked on her feed with every intention of unsubscribing. To say that reading a year worth of posts about exciting-looking locales transported me from my small office and this dreary day to more interesting places is an understatement.

Adding to my To Do is to MAKE SURE that I visit at least TWO new places this year (baby steps afterall). That and to visit Camels and Chocolates regularly.


Possicon said...

Hi Ore, its indeed a great thing to explore the world we live. It could be virtual traveling (or teleporting as the case may be) or like you said above, to a place of interest.

Also this is my first time of reading your blog even though have read your interview and profile in some places. It interest me to follow your insight even as I await to meet you at the Technology Outlook 2010.

Ore said...

Thanks, Possicon! I'll check out your blog too.