Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I t feels so wierd to be checking email from a cybercafe. I haven't done this in ages. I'm using the Kinkos in Harvard Square. It costs 25 cents per minute. I'm not sure if that's a good price or not. But what choice do I have really? There are public libraries, where you can access your email for free but I don't know any around here. Maybe I'll check where the nearest library is to Stella's place, which is where I'm staying since I moved out of my apartment.

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Ore said...

Having tried other cybercafes, I've realised that 25 cents per minute is VERY expensive. In London, we were able to surf for an hour for the grand sum of 1 pound (approx 1 dollar, 50 cents I think). In Lagos, we visited a cybercafe, which charged us 250 naira (approx 1 dollar 60 cents) for an hour. So, the US rates for cybercafes are expensive, if Kinkos is anything to go by. What's up with that?

Well, I guess the market is more geared towards people accessing the 'Net from their homes and not for the tourists or people with no home access. What a shame because there are so many tourists in the states and I'm not sure they can all go to public libraries.

However, the growing popularity of wireless connection is great for those who take their laptops with them. And I think I read that certain public areas in Boston would soon be set-up for wireless access.