Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sniff......An Ode to *My* TV Shows

I just checked Nappturality.com, one of my favourite websites, which is all about natural hair, only to discover that the fifth cycle of America's Next Top Model will be starting soon in the States. I love this show!!! I didn't particularly like the last season- I thought it was filled with highly unmemorable characters. Naima, the winner, was sweet but no one's yet to live up to Eva the Diva in my book.

I forgot about the new Fall line-up. I used to really look forward to it (I know, I'm so sad). Now, I'll be missing out on all the new seasons of my favourite shows like CSI (the Las Vegas version), the Apprentice, the Amazing Race (though I'm not sure when the new season of that starts). Luckily, we have DSTV which supplies us with many of the shows that I used to watch. Some are a season behind, but who's complaining? Besides, once I start work, I might not have the time of the day for TV.

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Anonymous said...

Too true, too true. Work, ain't it great? At least u're getting paid!!!