Thursday, December 29, 2005

Broadband at last!

I can exhale at last! I went to visit the Netcom office yesterday and decided to go with their service. For the first month, you start off with a bandwidth of 300Kbps so this is MUCH faster than anything I've been using in a long while. After the first month, you can downgrade to 100Kbps, stay with 300Kbps or upgrade. I will see how this goes, but so far, this is great. I'm really surfing the 'net and not just crawling along.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ore,

I know it's still early days, but are you satisfied with netcom's service? I would have rather if this was 4 months later, then would have been a safer time to ask, but i fear i may not be able to find you 4 months from now, hence i decided to ask now. So whats your experience with them. Will you please kindly reach me on

Thanks a bunch.