Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Electricity Woes

Today was a wasted day! I don't even know where to start from. We had electricity when I got into work. It was gone about an hour later (about 8:45AM) and didn't come back until about 2:30PM. Why didn't we have the generator on? No diesel! Sorry, can't be bothered to go into it. It's the same, long, drawn-out and (by now) boring story.

I was trying to imagine an entire company in the States put out of business for a good part of the day, due to a lack of electricity. Better still, I tried to imagine my former place of work in Boston and how management would respond to this. They would be besides themselves with shock and horror. There would be hell to pay, that's for sure. And meetings scheduled immediately to discuss the problem and to put in place strategies to guard against future occurences. It would certainly never, ever happen again. Having to contend with no electricity in this day and age seems so .... - sorry for the use of this word but here it goes - primitive!

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