Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hair Tales

For someone who has been espousing the importance of wearing your own hair out, I have certainly had this fake hair in for a long time (6 weeks this Saturday, which is a long time for me). And it's starting to grate. I'm not used to so much hair around my face, especially in this Lagos heat.

My Mum asked me what I was doing with my hair for Christmas, to which I replied "Huh?" My best friend, Y, says that every woman does her "Christmas hair." We were at the salon at the time getting pedicures and she looked to the other women in there for confirmation. They all nodded in agreement. Christmas hair??? Okay, now I can tell that I have really been away for a long time.

I miss my own hair and can't wait to wear it out again in an afro or puff or something.....anything really - I just miss my own hair.

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