Monday, December 12, 2005

Crawling on the Internet? NO MORE!!!!! I'm So Ready to Move On

I am so ready for a faster and easier way of accessing the Internet. I've suffered with slow connection speeds for long enough. I have to deal with it at work and the service we have at work is particularly bad, I must say. The connection fails at least once a day (and this is on a good day). More typically we lose connection several times a day. And as if that was not bad enough, the speeds can get excrutiatingly slow. We use a VSAT service with an uplink bandwidth of 64Kbps and supposedly (and this is indeed a HUGE supposition considering the evidence) 128Kbps on the downlink. The service does tend to get worse in the afternoons, which is typically the time with the heaviest Internet traffic, and so this might be something totally beyond the ISP's control (though at this point, I hate their service so much that I'm not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt).

At home, we also have a fairly slow service, but then we have an excuse: we use dial-up. Even in Boston, I had dial-up connection at home (thinking back on it now, I can only ask myself: "What the hell was I thinking?????????" Broadband was not only so much faster than what I had, but also fairly cheap too.) I think I didn't mind so much because the connection at work was lightening-fast and I could download as many multimedia files as I pleased and listen to online radio stations all day long if I chose to.

Now back here in Lagos, I don't have this luxury anymore and think that it's really time that I moved on up. I'm looking into several broadband and wireless services. I've heard a lot about Netcom, so I will start there. I've also heard that Globacom provides very extensive braodband coverage, so I will also look into that. I look forward to very soon being able to surf the web wirelessly from my computer and from the comfort of my bed. I have too many wasteful hours of listening to NPR and BBC radio online programs to catch-up on.

If anyone who's reading this post has experience with any broadband provider, I'd certainly be interested in hearing about them.


TRAE said...

what can i say but sorry. that's Nigeria for you. I remember when i went to my brothers house to surf (he was using one of them #15,00 per month connections) and man the stuff was slow as hell. i didn't bother-i logged off and went to bed. but do keep us informed when you get a faster connection so we'll know what to look out for.

Ore said...

Will let you know. For now, I'm very tempted to go with Netcom, because it appears to be very easy to install and get started with.