Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Census, at Last!!!!!!

For the last week or so, no one has been sure of exactly how this census was going to work. Do we stay at home and be counted, or what?

I'd been looking forward to this 4-day break for a very long time and assumed that Tuesday to Friday would be work-free days. Then we started to hear that this would not be so. This was followed closely by the "public holiday" versus "curfew" debates i.e. would Tue to Fri be public holidays (i.e. we don't go to work, but you can move around freely) or curfewed days (i.e. you still don't go to work, but then you can't leave the house either). I really didn't care either way, so long as I got to stay at home. Yes, I know! What a conscentious and hard worker I must be (not!). Well, actually I am, which is why I really wanted the break - to take care of all my other business.

Just 30 minutes before I left work yesterday, we still weren't sure, but decided that if the Lagos state governor is imposing curfews from Tuesday to Thursday, then we might as well not come to work.

I already know that the results of this census will not come close to an accurate representation of Nigeria's population. I know quite a few people who did leave their state of residence (despite numerous directives by the government not to do so) to spend the census 'holiday' in their states of origin. Worse still, are the people who have left the country altogether on vacation.

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