Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Solar Eclipse

Like you haven't read your fill of posts and articles about the eclipse, here's another one to add to the mix.

I was really excited about it, even though I knew we would only see a partial eclipse here in Lagos. I thought amidst the useful information, were some 'sensitisation' messages with a lot to be desired. In Tuesday's This Day, the Information and National Orientation Minsister, Frank Nweke Jr., asked people not to look directly at the sun for the duration of the eclipse (good advice). He added that special glasses or other devices could be used to view the eclipse, neglecting to mention where one could these special glasses or what these other devices were (okay, yes I know - you could use bowls of buckets of water, for one). He also advised people to stay indoors for the duration of the eclipse. I'm sure that would not have increased the trepidation that many people were already feeling at this sure sign of impending doom in the least bit!!!!

Mrs. Toyin Saraki, first lady of Kwara state, in a great move gave away free solar glasses to students in her state.

I saw something of the eclipse. I was tripped by how dark it got and when I saw the moon partially cover the sun, I was awed beyond belief. How I would have loved to have been in the path of the total eclipse.


Vixen said...

That sounds utterly beautiful. Wish I was there to see it. Apparently the people in Abuja got a better view than least that's what Naijablog said.

Dami actually referred me to your site, she's one of my readers and really good friends. I mostly talk about Naija on my other blog Mysterious Meander.

Anyway, enough name-dropping. You are right, it is indeed a small world. I'm glad you liked the Bad girls guide. I love your blog as well and I'm really glad that we connected.

I promise to bring you the latest edition of Essence when I arrive.

Pilgrimage to Self said...

They had a total in Ghana. My friend sent me a frame by frame picture account of the whole thing. Looked awesome, but I bet nothing close to seeing it up close and personal.

uknaija said...

I remember an eclipse years ago in Naija. I did stare directly at the sun and contrary to what we were told I did not go blind.

I was a rebellious kid then and maybe that's why I was spared but I don't recommend trying this at home....

Onada said...

i wish i could have seen that. Do you have any pictures to post?

Ore said...

@onada: Unfortunately not.

adefunke said...

The eclipse as seen in Ghana

I recall seeing a partial eclipse while I was in secondary school in lagos. We all rushed to our dorms get buckets of water to view it since we didn't have viewing googles and we were young enough to believe we would go blind if we looked at it directly!