Friday, March 31, 2006

And Time Moves On ...

We witnessed an influx of new corp members today at my NYSC CD day. I arrived at the local government area (LGA) office fairly early (9.15am is super-early for me. I typically get there for 10, but I'm trying to be a better corper.) To my shock, the compound was already filled with an inordinately large number of corpers. What was this??? I assumed that I would be one of the first to arrive. As I looked closer, I realised that I did not recognise most of these faces. Then it dawned on me that these were our 'baby corpers', as a colleague of mine refers to them.

Their uniforms still looked new and many wore expressions of anticipation (In fairness, though, the body language of an equal number seemed to say "What the hell is this bullshit that I have signed myself up for the next year. Hmmm, I wonder who I can pay to 'take care of things' for me?".)

What a difference a few months makes. I was once one of them. Last October when I attended my first CD day, I arrived at the LGA at 8am sharp as I had been directed to. I found a couple of corpers there before me sitting idly by the buildings. The door of the NYSC office was firmly SHUT. Okay, I thought, maybe they are running a little late. If only! The first staff member showed up at 9am and we eventually got started with a brief address by the zonal inspector at 10.30. I have since learnt that NYSC time is meant to be interpreted very loosely (add an hour and a half, at least, to whatever time you have been asked to show up anywhere).

Anyway, a few months on, I feel much the wiser with regards to the mysterious ways of the NYSC (and bureacracy in general). Today, we older corpers regarded our new colleagues with a mixture of slight derision and superiority borne of a few good months of experience. Not to worry, one day they will be like us!

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