Saturday, March 25, 2006

Census Might Be Extended

What's this I hear that the census might be extended?

It's Saturday (the last day of the census) and I still have not been counted. Many of my friends have and so we started to worry that they somehow missed our house. My mother's friend, who lives a few streets from us, was counted yesterday and so on my mother's advice we drove down to her house to try and track down the enumerators and bring them to our house to count us. It does not work that way, as we later found out.

Each team of enumerators is given some streets to cover and they cannot deviate from this. I was impressed with how determined they were not to break this directive (the exception was with homeless people). Shamefully I admit that I am not used to seeing this kind of dedication to duty.

While we on the street speaking with the enumerators, a man drove up to ask if they knew why his street had not been counted yet. So, it's not just us. The houses on our side our street have yet to be counted too. I guess I can take some comfort in numbers.

I have to really hand it to the enumerators though. Aside from being determined to stick by the orders they had been given, they really had a tough job. Walking from house to house in the afternoon heat is not an easy thing to do and I really applaud them for it.

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Dami said...

my dad had to go get the census people to count him. either this batch didn't care about deviating or they missed the street totally!