Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Looking Foward to Being Counted

Well, if the absolute truth be told, what I'm most excited about Census 2006 is having 4 legit days off work. I have so many tasks to knock off my to-do lists; books to read; DVDs to watch; sleep to catch-up on; crazy hairstyles to try; hours of aimless surfing to indulge in; podcasts to listen to; thinking to do; and pure, unadulterated lazing around to do. It just feels like life moves entirely too fast for me to accomplish all the things I want to, and I really, really need this break.

The best part of this census is that we have to stay at home (at least, I believe we do) and so I won't be tempted to go out and run errands.

My only grouse is that it starts from a Tuesday rather than a Monday. What is the point of that sole working day? Well, I won't be too much of an ingrate and look a gift horse in the mouth. Census 2006, I will take you anyhow you want to come!


adefunke said...

I know how you feel, I also initially thought it was bad planning on the part of the census board to start the census on a tuesday as opposed to a monday. I am told however that the start date was fixed intentionally to ensure that we are all counted at our work bases. Many a family maintain two 'homes', a typicaly example Daddy lives in one room in Lagos Island because he works on the marina (the commute is killing him!), mummy and the 4 kids live in Ibadan and daddy visits on weekends. The govt needs to capture as realistically as possible the spread of its citizens so they can plan properly, provide adequate, scalable infrastructure, etc etc

Ore said...

Okay, that makes sense.