Thursday, April 13, 2006

Project Runway

I love to write about whatever I'm reading or watching at the moment. I'm also one of those people who can take away something from almost every experience.

I'm in the midst of watching the second season of Project Runway, which was yet another of my favourite shows from the States. When I first heard of the concept of another reality show, but this one about fashion designers competing against each other for some wonderful prize or the other, I immediately dismissed it as a ridiculously frivolous idea (Okay, helloooo! What was I thinking? Most reality TV would be considered as purely frivolous entertainment.)

Since I had recently acquired cable TV, my motto at the time was to watch everything at least once - just because I could. So I did......... and I LOVED it! From the first show I watched, I was completely hooked. The drama, the intrigue, the burning ambitions - it was incredibly riveting. And just like with America's Next Top Model, I learnt quite a bit about the fashion industry.

With clothes, I know what I like and what looks good on me. I also like to look different from everyone else and that means I like to add my own individual touches to anything I wear. It also means that I do not follow the latest trends. I abhor the sheep mentality that encourages rushing out to buy an item of clothing that has been deemed 'hot' or 'in' by the fashion powers that be. I hate anyone telling me what I should be wearing 'this season' and what favourite clothes of mine should be thrown out, because they are now considered to be the armpit of fashion this month.

However, watching Project Runway and seeing the careful thought that many of the designers put into their clothes makes me think that I need to experiment a bit more where my style is concerned. Being in Lagos will do that to you, in any case. Nigerians are extremely concerned about looking good and Lagos is considered by many to be THE trend-settling city. This can get a bit tiring after a while and, to my immense frustration, I am finding myself gradually getting sucked into the whole 'dressing-up just to go down the road' syndrome. But, I suppose it's infinitely more interesting than Boston where the (mostly freezing-cold) weather, as well as its reputation as a highly intellectual city means that any interest in clothing beyond the practical concerns of covering your nakedness and keeping warm tends to be viewed as extremely superficial.


Dami said...

yay for project runway. the season just ended last month. which designers do you like? won't spoil anything for you unless you've surfed the net and/or are watching the series marathon on cable! antm is going good. still have high hopes for nnenna but the cuts are getting unpredictable!

Ore said...

LOL! I'm downloading it off the internet. I haven't watched the finale yet, so thanks for no spoilers.

I like Danny V and Chloe. I also really liked Nick. Kara turned out some surprisingly good stuff, that I could see myself wearing. Santino???? Just there for the drama methinks, but can't wait to see his final collection. Okay, I think he is quite creative, sometimes a bit too much.

I really, really, really did not like Zulema and was so happy when they showed her the door (See ya!). What a foul attitude. Where people get off mistaking rudeness for assertiveness, I will never know.

Miss ANTM. (Sniff) Maybe one day it will come on air here.

Vixen said...

Yeah, it's going to be hard for me not to talk about it while you rhapsodize but I promise to keep my mouth shut.

ANTM rocks, and Nnenna is representing, omo Naija fo sure!

Ore said...

Alright! Just finished watching the finale. So Chloe won! I was happy about that, as I really thought that she's a great designer. Her final collection also really rocked. It was beautiful and each outfit had an interesting twist to it. Plus, I thought it was cohesive. You could tell that all outfits were by the same designer and all part of one collection.

It's funny how kinder and gentler Santino became in the finale - perhaps after seeing how he came off on TV. He seemed so likeable all of a sudden. And seeing him with his friend Tony and with Tony's family, I kept going "awww." He seemed so endearing.

Everchange said...

Awww! Chloe won?? I am so sad because I wanted Danny V to win. But congrats to Chloe. The two of them and Santino were my favorites.

tuckergurl said...

I loved Daniel V until the last few episodes. He got to be a little self righteous because he had won many competitions. The way he spoke to Santino started to bug me. So needless to say, I was glad that Chloe won. I was amazed that Kara lasted as long as she did. I thought she was mediocre at best.

I learn a lot about design on Project Runway. It rocks!

Dami said...

you should look at kara's stuff on the bravotv website. hers was the decoy collection. if she was in the running, i think she would have won. she didn't bring her a-game to the competition where it really mattered. at least she got to do ny fashion week and got some exposure!!!!

Ore said...

I agree that Kara's work on the show was pretty mediocre, but the stuff she sewed for herself was really nice. I don't know why her designs on the show didn't show quite so much creativity. I put it down to nerves and trying too hard to sew to please the tastes of the judges.

It makes me think of what happened to Santino at the end. After being told over and over that his work was over the top, he toned it down for his final collection and it was the mutedness of his clothes that knocked him into 3rd place.

tout noir said...

Project Runway was my addiction while it ran in the US. Santino should have won. Chloe's clothes were blah... uninteresting.

I have a naija friend who went to school with Danny V. We are all going to grab drinks sometime this summer. I can't wait to meet him in person.