Monday, April 03, 2006

The Shield

One of my new favourite shows. If you have read any of my many posts about The Wire, you will know that I love my crime shows.

The Shield
is another one that I tried to get into in Boston and again here in Lagos on MNET (I'm not sure if they still show it). However, there was a whole backstory that was taking me too long to figure out. So, like I did with The Wire, I got my hands on the DVD and started from season 1.

Now, The Shield is not your average crime show where police=good and criminals=bad. The show is set in L.A., which is not known for its overly kind and helpful police. The Shield's Farmington district represents the dregs in this already scummy pond. Vic Mackie (the lead) leads the "Strike Team", which prides itself on keeping drug-crime down. They do this by working with local drug dealers. They sell them space (for their drug trade) and turn a blind eye to their activities. At the same time, the strike team gets tips from their 'tenants' on rival dealers, who they waste no time in arresting. Hmmm.... I like the show, because it offers a different perspective. Nothing is clear-cut, circumstances are messy and the police are, for the most part, all for justice but their decisions may not always reflect this.

I just looked at the site and saw that it's currently in its fifth season. I'm only half-way through the second. Well, I suppose I have something to look forward to. That and the third season of The Wire. :-)


DingProof said...

I never really got into The Shield but "24" totally rocks!

Ore said...

Love that too, though I only watched one season properly.

Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

I watch both, 24 is the best show ever. Forever ever! Jack Bauer is my mentor! :)