Friday, April 28, 2006

Let's Talk Hair - For the Umpteenth Time

What do you know? I haven't posted in a while and what's the first new thing I blog about? Hair! I love trawling through the Internet for hair websites, especially natural hair sites. Even when I had permed hair, I was still very interested in hair care and that interest has remained through my nappy years.

I came across Let's Talk Hair, which is also the name of a natural hair care book. The site appears to be for people of African descent and includes a discussion board (which, from a cursory glance, does not appear to be very active). Nappturality recently upgraded their server and did some site re-design. It looks fab and I'm sure there are a lot of new functionality that I'm yet to discover. Another site that I've checked in the recent past for hair care was the ELLE Magazine website. What the hell was I thinking? I think there must be only white people in ELLE-World going by the photographs they post in their hair care section, because there are absolutely no people of colour.


Nkem said...

You know I'm a hair man, so I'm gonna check them out! Had myhair done over the weekend for an internship I started on Monday. Friends did the usual complaining, about creating an impression. Well yes, cornrows do create an impression :-)

Ore said... is the best of the lot.

I'm sure your cornrows look great. Friends.... what do they know?