Thursday, May 04, 2006

Our Dear Police

It rained quite heavily a couple of days ago and, as was to be expected, the roads after the rainfall were almost perpetual gridlock. Driving under these circumstances is definitely not pleasant, as you painstakingly inch forward, jealously guarding any free space that opens up. When the car in front of you is too slow to move forward after the traffic starts to move, you blast your horn to remind him or her to get to stepping before any other drivers alongside your car get any funny ideas and try to muscle their way into your lane.

So, when you then see groups of people who obviously feel that they are way, way above the law (Oh wait! They are 'The Law'!), you get very pissed off. I cannot described how incensed I get when I see the police winding their way through the traffic accompanied by the shrieking sounds of their siren. Of-course, we poor drivers have to (reluctantly) move our cars as much to the sides of the road so that our dear 'boys in black' can make their way through. If it were all in the course of some very important work, I think we'd all begrudge them. But as it is, we all know that this is mostly never the case. Instead, it is a disgraceful misuse of power. That's why I get so angry when I see the policemen leaning out of their vehicle windows shaking their batons threateningly at other drivers. And when I see them barelling down the wrong side of the road, causing cars coming in the opposite (and right) direction to almost leap off the road in alarm, I literally want to throw rocks at all their heads.

It's so great knowing that we can count on our police for somethings. To throw more chaos onto already difficult driving conditions, "YES"! To serve and protect with integrity, "Please, don't make me laugh."


Nkem said...

Just yesterday, I was telling a friend here that most of the Nigerian police must have skipped the "serve and protect" lecture during training. Cos heaven knows they only serve themselves and protect noone. Shame on them.

UARIDI said...

Are you sure you were in Nigeria? They must be clones of all African policemen. Same behaviour, same arrogance and very little "serve and protect"

Ore said...

LOL!!!!! I don't have experience with other African police, so I'll just have to take your word for it.