Monday, May 15, 2006

Flooding in Massachusetts

Just read about the floods in my former 'hood, New England. While I was living in Boston, I thought that the weather in the north-eastern part of the US was comparatively 'safer' than the rest of the country. Sure we had unbelievably harsh winters (nothing compared to Canada though, as I later found out. I thought I had died and gone straight to a twilight zone version of hell). But snowstorms and blizzards aside, the rest of the year actually saw some really nice weather (balmy springs, lush summers and crispy autumns). And we didn't have tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes or forest fires.

The flooding has badly affected the northern suburbs of Boston, as well as parts of the neighboring states of Maine and New Hampshire. It's also led to something many children love - no school!

I remember some really bad snowstorms that happened while I was still in Boston. I loved having 'snow days' when I could stay at home, curl up in front of the TV and eat up a storm in my warm and cosy apartment. I hated, hated, hated having to dig my car out of 4 feet of snow and clear out my driveway. This was one of the few times I bitterly regretted living alone. It also made me think about elderly people who lived alone and wonder how they coped.


Ayoola said...

Hmm, someone's romanticising the past observed through rose-coloured glasses....You say "lush summers" like it's so great and heavenly.

Uh, remember the stifling humidity which lasted for too much of the summer, draining all your energy and causing one to sweat unattractive buckets in the armpits? Not so lush now, eh?

Ore said...

Oh, I definitely remember the humidity and the heat, but what made it more bearable and, I suppose, enjoyable was the knowledge that it only lasted a few months and soon after would come winter.

Summer was always my favourite month regardless. Fall would have been my favourite, but the knowledge that winter lurked just round the corner always spoilt it just a little bit for me.

Ore said...