Saturday, May 06, 2006

Planning For The Weekend

I decided that I would start to actively plan my weekends, which is something that I've never really done. I just believe in seeing what pops-up and going with the flow (unless I have a few things that absolutely have to be taken care of). The typical result of this laissez-faire approach is that my weekends slip away with very little done.

So this weekend, I decided that NO, enough is enough! I hung out with a friend yesterday evening. We mostly just talked, which was a lot of fun (and talking is free). Today, aside from the gym, I attended a performance by the singer, Keziah Jones, at Jazzhole. I wish I could talk more about it, but I got there almost at the end (I guess when they said that the performance would start at 7pm, they really meant it). I liked his voice and thought that his music was different from a lot of the music that I hear on the radio. He terms it "Bluefunk."

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, but it has to be something fun. I love my weekends, but they go by entirely too quickly for me.


Anonymous said...

I saw a performance by Keziah Jones at the Muson Centre in 2005. His music is different, to say the least and it certainly was a great show.

Ore said...

It was certainly different. I wish I had gotten there earlier and heard more. No more African time for me!

adefunke said...

So that was what was happening! I passed by their on my way to a party and I was wondering.