Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Help! I've Been Blogged!

Most bloggers write about one or more aspects of their life. For some bloggers, their life is the main fodder for their posts. I could never get so intimate in such a public setting but I love to read the blogs of people who can. I read this article ('Help! I've Been Blogged!') on MSN.com and I thought about all the blogs I've read chronicling the writers' dating or sex life. Oh, to be so bold.


Vixen said...

Blogging is uber addictive. I got started with one blog and somehow ended up with 4. I wanted to write one that was me uncensored specifically about my dating/sex life and yet wanted to retain the anonymity so I just created a new profile with a new blog.

I guess I like the fishbowl feeling.

Ore said...

Girl, I guess you must!

Me, I don't! And I thought about having multiple blogs, but seriously one or more of them would suffer, plus I would have NO social life to speak of.