Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quiet Night In

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one for me. The great thing is that Monday is (yet another!!!) public holiday - Democracy Day. I had no idea about this one until my BFF mentioned it to me. This would have been a holiday (Memorial Day) weekend in the States too!

Tonight though, I am going to relax (once I get offline of-course :-) ). I have 3 magazines at the ready: my fave Essence (yes, I know, I know ..... I complain about it quite regularly, but I love it still); Black Beauty (a British hair and beauty mag. Not sure why I bought it, as it features mostly permed hairstyles) and Marie Claire (one of the few of the popular women's glossies that I can read).

The new issue of Essence features the beautiful and very talented actress Kimberly Elise on the cover. She seems to have been in every other film in the past year. I'm happy for her, because I think she's a very talented actress. For years, though, I wondered why she only got the 'crying women' roles. Seems like directors are sitting up and really taking notice of her now.

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