Monday, January 29, 2007

Boston Again

I recently watched The Departed. Actually I saw it twice. No, not because I thought that it was that good, though I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I saw it the first time with my brother, sister and some friends. I saw it the second time with another friend, because he and his friends really wanted to see it and I didn't mind seeing it again. I also wanted to catch the beginning, which I missed the first time around.

Well, as Sod's law would have it, not only did I still miss the start of the film, but I got into the movie hall later into the film than I did the first time.

Well, The Departed is set in Boston as the people who have seen the film know. It's so wierd how you can live somewhere for so long and all the time dream of being somewhere else (in my case, I wanted to be in NYC, California, infact anywhere but frigid Boston). Now, when I see Boston on the screen, I'm instantly filled with an incomprehensible feeling of nostalgia. Well, maybe it's not totally hard to understand ..... I did have some wonderful times there - a lot of wonderful times actually. And Boston is absolutely gorgeous in the summer (that was my standard line to people who had never visited or made the mistake of visiting in the thick of a winter nor'easter).

Hmmm, now as I'm writing this, I'm really overcome with a need to go back to Boston. I'm sure this feeling will pass.

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