Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where Do You Want to Go This Year?

I want to do a lot of travelling this year. A lot more than I did last year. Having a full-time job can kind of get in the way of this though, unless your job is travelling (pilot, flight attendant, erm .. bus driver, etc) or your job requires that you work from a variety of destinations (two of my friends come to mind: U has racked up thousands of air miles, travelling to Asia, Australia, Europe and all over the US. He gets to stay in really nice hotels too; K's consulting job takes him across Africa. I'm sure he could start writing travel guides by now).

One place I've always wanted to visit is Zanzibar. I can't remember when my fascination with this country started (I have a feeling it's something I read by William Dalrymple). Well, however it started, Zanzibar still conjures up images of a mysterious, rather sleepy island that time forgot. My ears prick up whenever I catch a mention of Zanzibar (this admittedly is not very often). I can't wait to visit and see for real what it's like.

Somewhere else I want to visit is northern Nigeria. Now, I have no real excuses for not yet satisfying this curiousity. I mean, it's not like I have to travel far to get there or go through the headache of getting a visa. I guess it's just a lack of planning and effort on my part. This year I promise to use my public holidays and time off in a more useful way. I guess that's a resolution.

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