Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life as I See It

My friend Y moved to England over the weekend with her family. She has her reasons for moving and while I will miss her, I also understand.

That has got me thinking about life and setting goals for yourself. Being in school was exciting, because I was constantly learning new things, meeting new people and being challenged in a myriad of ways. Starting work was somewhat similar, but after a few years I think that, like with a lot of people, stasis sets in. Even in the best of jobs where you are regularly taking on new responsibilities, the other aspects of life can get somewhat routine. So it's home, work, home, work, home, work. And then some social engagement on Saturday and church on Sunday.

Then you have to take into account the other peculiarities of life in your particular location. Here in Lagos, it's horrible traffic, hardly any electricity, bad roads, noise, pollution and chaos. Sometimes, it makes me sit and wonder Is this it? Is this it for the rest of my life?"

I posed this question to my friend M some years ago and she responded matter-of-factly "I'm afraid so. This is it!" That answer was too dreary for me to even contemplate at the time and so I chose to believe that there had to be something more.

So, fast-forward a few years later, and life is not quite so grey. Occasionally some exciting events puncture the monotonous blanket of life. And I realise that I need to continually set goals. Once I've achieved those (Lord! I make it sound so easy), I make some new ones. For the most part though, there is a sometimes stifling sameness to my day-to-day life and I long to do something that will throw the whole damned comfortable routine out of kilter. Sometimes I want to pick up to another continent and start all over again and experience the excitement and scariness of adapting to a new life. Sometimes I simply want to take a vacation. Or read a book. Or do something I've never done before. Or meet someone who is totally different from everyone else I know.

Life is what you make of it, or so they say. So, what do I want to make of my life now?


disgodkidd said...

i think that we were made to reproduce. scripture confirms this. it's not enough to get there. we must then reach down and pull up someone else to join us. my pastor always says "success is not success without a successor". i think true fulfillment and satisfaction comes when we build ourself, then step back and recreate ourself in another.

Nkem said...

I've asked myself the same questions so often before. So is this it until I retire aged 65? This can't be it. Which is why I try not to let anything define me. I like to think that I can walk away from the life I have now, and start another one straight again...

Tayari Jones said...

Hi Ore! I just tagged you over on my site.

uknaija said...

There are always new challenges and nes experiences, and setting yourself new goals sounds like a good way to start. With your talent and intellect, I'm sure you'll never have a dull moment. But questioning is good.

TRAE said...

Is this it? Is this it for the rest of my life?"

haha, i get that feeling too. but i guess living life one day at a time (off course keeping the goals you hope to achieve at the back of your mind as MOTIVATION) makes everything easier.