Monday, July 23, 2007

The Season Goes On

Was at TerraKulture on Sunday for lunch and it was such a beehive of activity. I wasn't able to attend the day's play Camwood on the Leaves in the ongoing Wole Soyinka season (I will be there unfailingly for this week's play).

I have to say that I was really pleased to observe the numbers of people streaming in to see the play. Wole mentioned that attendance had picked up and I noticed a huge billboard right by Silverbird Galleria (great location for it), in addition to the radio ads.

In the time I was there, people came into the restaurant for lunch or to hang-out before proceeding to the hall for the show.


uknaija said...

Good to hear that people are going to see the play

disgodkidd said...


Ore said...

Yes, uknaija, people are definitely going to see the plays. When Wole told me that they now had 'jampacked halls' I didn't take it literally. Now, I'm hoping that Sunday's show doesn't get sold out.

disgodkidd, hi.