Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wireless Networking Training

I've been seeing some interesting technology and social development-related workshops, grant and competition opportunities lately and have been meaning to post some of them up. This one looks totally fun. Although I am not really techie (hardcore techie people would say that I am NOT AT ALL techie), I love to take things apart and attempt to put them back together (I usually end up staring dismally at the parts wondering what went wrong). I love to scrutinise lines of code and figure out what's going on. I loved borrowing other people's code for web pages I used to develop, because that instantly made my site look (and hopefully work) a lot better. Maybe the word to describe people like me is 'techno-dilettante' or perhaps ordinary 'dilettante' would do just fine.


One Village Foundation-Ghana in partnership with Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing and are implementing a 10- day Wireless Training as part of a series of emerging technology sessions. This training will be a point of convergence for at least 50 personnel from
the IT Community in Ghana and the West African Sub-region.

Topics covered will include Introduction to Wireless Networking; Setting up and Configuring Wireless Local Area Network (LAN); Building Local Routers & Introduction of WiFi Devices (USB, PCMC, etc.); Installing Open Source Software; Network Securities; and Bandwidth / Internet Link Optimization.

Looks totally fun!

Read more for further information.

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