Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Nutmeg

The Nutmeg, originally uploaded by oreoluwa.

Everyone who visits Zanzibar MUST go on the Spice Tour. It's like you didn't even visit Zanazibar if you didn't go on the Spice Tour. So, we went on the Spice Tour. I also happen to like spices and the mental pictures of tasty food that the word 'spice' conjures up for me. Plus, at the end of the tour, participants are treated to a meal featuring many of the island's famous spices.

This photograph is of the nutmeg, which is one of my favourite spices. I had never seen it in its raw form, so it was with utter fascination I watched as the tour guide pointed to a yellow, soft looking fruit and declared it to be "nutmeg". We all looked at him rather disbelievingly until he pulled one off the tree and split it open to reveal the familiar-looking brown nut.

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nneoma said...

Hey Ore!

Happy New Year to you too! I will definitely keep your advice in mind if there is a time I may get fortunate and travel to Zanzibar - looks incredibly lovely.