Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales, originally uploaded by oreoluwa.

I LOVE this picture; it's easily my favourite of all the pictures I took (What? This blurry thing?). Mr. T looks likes he's dashing off for a very important appointment. Infact, someone who saw this picture asked me where the tortoise was running to. Then she caught herself and laughed. This 'masterpiece' was no doubt the result of a shaky hand, or perhaps I sneezed as I snapped.

This was taken on the tortoise farm on Prison Island.

It's funny; Funke and I were chattering away as we walked into the tortoise farm. The guide asked us if we were from Nigeria.
We were very surprised at his dead-on accuracy, especially since of all the tourists we had met on the island, we were the only Nigerians and, from what I gathered, there are not many Nigerians visiting Zanzibar in general.

- "How did you know we were Nigerians?" we asked the guide.

- "Oh", he responded off-handedly, "Nigerians are always SO loud."

Hmmm, well, excuse me!

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Pearl said...

Lol at the picture.. thats a really cool shot even though it could've been a mistake..luv it