Wednesday, January 16, 2008

View from the Archipelago Restaurant

You can see (or perhaps not, for all the foliage) the Monsoon Restaurant. According to my guide book, if one restaurant on this island is hard to get a table at, it is this one. Or could be, on Thursday nights when they have live music. We ate there one night (obviously we got a table). The food was not bad, though again it didn't live up the expectation that the guide book had built-up. Or then again, perhaps I'm a philistine when it comes to fine dining.

BTW, I think the best meals I had were at ETC Plaza and Les Spices Rendez-Vous (the New Maharaja Restaurant). It took us FOREVER to find ETC PLaza, but the food was so worth it when we got there. The night we went to Les Spices, we were actually looking for another restaurant, which must have closed down and which must also have been so bad that no one missed it either, as no one seemed to know it.

This picture was taken from Archipelago Restaurant, another place with excellent food.

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