Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Zanzibar Sunset

Zanzibar Sunset, originally uploaded by oreoluwa.

So we went to the first floor of the Africa House Hotel to see the famed view of the sunset, along with what seemed like just about every other tourist on the island (oh, I hate to be such a 'touristy' tourist and be seen doing what everyone else is doing). We ordered a couple of their rather over-priced drinks and settled down to watch the sun set. It all happened so fast and then I guess I got slightly distracted with my people watching and so this is the photograph I ended up with.

It seems to be the norm for tourists now to wield heavy-duty, professional-looking cameras. What happened to the simple point-and-shoots of yore? As I sat there, I could actually see some people nervously bringing out their point-and-shoots, apparently intimidated by the preponderance of the DC4S/PP (Digital Cameras for Serious/Professional Photographers). LOL!!

We were at the Africa House Hotel for maybe about 30 minutes. The sun doesn't take that long to set, and before we knew it the mosquitoes were out in full effect, chomping at our ankles and anywhere else they could reach (which, it seemed was EVERYWHERE, including fully-clothed parts). Not wanting to be reduced to insect meal, Funke and I hastily paid and beat a hurried retreat (along with all the other tourists) to the door.

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