Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slave Chamber

Slave Chamber, originally uploaded by oreoluwa.

This was the final stop on our Spice Tour. We were taken to a beach in Mangapwani to work off our lunch. As the bus makes its way back to Stone Town, we were driven to this former slave cave and given the option to get out and see it quickly. Most in our party declined (it had been a long day, so I couldn't blame them), but I was curious so along with a handful of others, we paid our 1,000 Tsh (roughly equivalent to 1 USD) and descended into the dungeon.

Slaves were hidden in here after trade in slaves was abolished. The cave is a dank pit, which appeared to spiral into the ground. After taking about 20 steps down, the daylight was already being subsumed by the underground darkness. I climbed down as far as my slippers would allow me to on the slippery and damp ground. Our lone torch gave out and my camera battery, which I had been carefully nursing all through the trip (not having a battery charger with me) eventually failed. It was time to call it a day and head back.


SongReach said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful escapade with us! lovely pictures.

Uzo said...

I really want to go now...the pics look amazing..did you use a tour company?

Ore said...

Thanks for the comments. It was a great trip.

Uzo, we didn't use a tour company. We searched for hotels on the internet and Funke called the hotel we chose to make the bookings. I got a guide book and that helped in deciding what to do, but there's lots of info on the net too.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Dave Lucas said...

Amazing. Too bad racism continues today, in many forms.

Anonymous said...

sisi ore, infact you dey njoy o! na so so fine fine photo you carry come from heaven o, infact the place no get go slow sef, you for come see the thing wey them call beach for me the time we go ososa, infact i dont throway the photo, the moment way i see your own, after them go come talk say we be giant of africa, common correct beach we no get, instead na so so bitches we get full ground. if i sabi road reach this heaven, i for waka reach there o! abi sister, you sabi road?


Anonymous said...

ewe, see me see trouble o! sister ore, which one come be ebo dave lucas now, see weytin this your bianeba trip wey yo go come cause now, this our news bulletin don dey attract funfun. I no sey you no dey like that, wait make i catch that funke.


uknaija said...

Looks like you had fun

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

I went and rread thru the past previous so envious.

That pit brings up too many issues of hurt.