Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogging For More than Fun

The Nigerian blogosphere has expanded exponentially in the last year. It's also seen its fair share of blog deaths. I understand. People get tired of blogging, the initial excitement fades away. There's no time. Internet access is costly and the speeds can be excrutiatingly slow. It can also be hard work thinking of topics to blog on regularly. I'll be the first to admit it. I don't have Internet access issues, but sometimes I stymied for things to talk about, or I just can't be bothered.

Most Nigerian blogs that I have seen appear to be for non-professional purposes i.e. individuals' informal or personal journal format. Are there any Nigerian companies that use blogs as a way of sharing information and getting feedback from their employees? Are there any professional development blogs? Any academic blogs? Any schools (private, most likely) where teachers incorporate the use of blogs in their teaching? I'm curious.


boorish male said...

Donald Dukes blog is has all his campaign details and gives his supporters the opportunity to interact with him and ask questions.

Ore said...


Anonymous said...

yes its sad to see people like Obi and Aba Boy leave but I do understand the issue of time it take to keep on blogging. I hope they will both be back in another form at some point.