Saturday, December 09, 2006


Villa Paradiso, Miami

Miami was, for me, a more picturesque city with a Kodak scene around every corner, but ironically it was where I didn't really take any pictures. I kicked myself on the last day, but it was too late by then. I loved the guesthouse I stayed in - Villa Paradiso - and took loads of pictures of it.


laspapi said...

Really nice pictures, Ore. Never been to the U.S. before, your pictures took me a step closer.

Ore said...

Thank you. I wish I had some more interesting shots though.

Africainement said...

hey ore i keep reading you ..and i was wondering how did it feel going back to the usa u feel like you miss ur life over here..or do u fele like you made a new 1 ith which u are quite comfortable?

Ore said...

I was thinking about blogging on this very same topic, so it's interesting that you bring it up.

I was expecting a rush of nostalgia but I really didn't feel anything. Maybe going back when it's cold didn't help either. I was happy to be back in Boston to see friends and see what had changed. It was great visiting old haunts, but I've been pretty happy in Lagos so no regrets really.