Saturday, December 09, 2006

Las Vegas III

The lobby of the Bellagio Hotel. You probably can't make out the mass of colors on the ceiling, but those were glass (or perhaps plastic) flowers in a multitude of colors. I loved it. The lobby also houses a flower conservatory, which is changed each season. The winter arrangement was being done when we were there.

The Luxor. There was a movie showing at there on the Mysteries of the Nile, which we wanted to see but never got around to.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel. One of the prettier hotels on the strip.


Ms. May said...

My fave hotel in Vegas is the Venetian......Michealangelo copies on the cielings, Gondola rides throught the best thing to Venice..LOL. Did you visit this one? And isn't the fountain display to Frank Sinatra's music in front of the Bellagio fabulous? And did you visit the Wynn? I'm interested to know if it's all I've heard it is.

Ore said...

Yes, I certainly visited the Venetian. Infact, I think my friends and I spent the most amount of time in that hotel (after ours - the Las Vegas Hilton). We went to see The Phantom of the Opera in the Venetian. We also walked around the shops and went on the indoor gondola ride.

I didn't visit the Wynn, but it was gorgeous from the outside and I loved the lights. I will definitely check it out when next I visit and, of course, I will be staying at the Bellagio!!!! LOL!