Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pipeline Blast Kills Hundreds in Lagos

It felt like it was not too long ago that I blogged about the last one. Now here is another incident. At least 200 people have died in a pipeline explosion in the Abule Egba part of Lagos state today as people siphoned fuel from a pipeline punctured by thieves.

The recent scarcity has seen scores of cars parked outside petrol stations for the last week. Even on Christmas Day, many were found at the petrol station hustling to buy some petrol.

Read more about the explosions on the BBC and MSNBC websites.


Africainement said...

that's really sad.. I hope that your family and loved ones are all safe!!

confusednaijagirl said...

it happens all the time. sometimes you become immune to it. its only God that can help our country

disgodkidd said...

after a while, i think you begin to get used to it. it is pathetic...on a brighter note, i popped into the office today, out of boredom, to catch up on some blog reading...can't wait to visit the beach again sometime soon. and if you plan on going somewhere exotic...pray drop me an sms...i would love to tag along...if i didn't get to spend my 7 days off work with my folks, i intend to get the best outta it...so big sis, am waiting on you