Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Hair

I received calls today from two different women who have done my hair in the past. After the greetings, both wanted to know what I was "doing for Christmas" i.e. what I plan on doing to my hair for Christmas. Co-incidentally, I had been thinking about the same thing over the last week.

Last year, a few months after just moving back home, I was introduced to the idea of Christmas Hair. This year, I wondered "Do I want to do anything to my hair?" I hate sitting for hours to get my hair done into a style that will not last more than a couple of weeks. Kinky twists look best on my natural hair and I have done that twice this year already. I know I spoke about making that my staple style, but now I think that's just boring (okay, probably no less boring than the afro puff I wear the rest of the time).

I know there are relatively few women with natural hair who choose not to wear it in locs or very short. But I'd really be interested in hearing how women with medium-long natural hair wear their hair (aside from extensions and weaves) especially when they are going out to a special event. Maybe I'll post some pics later if I find anything.


SongReach said...

I have a friend with natural hair who goes to the salon for the hot comb and rollers effect from time to time. It gives her a temporal perm look.

d said...

nothing much...a fro, sometimes a faux hawk, other times i just pin up my hair using jewelled accessories. i also love the 50s bump look...think Gwen Stefani.
on the catwalks a lot of natural inspired styles - pony tails interpeted with braid details on the sides, or the fringe is braided. i've been rocking that style a lot.
as well as flat twist fringes. or bangs as the americans say.

Ore said...

the thought of running a hotcomb through my hair (and that sizzling sound it makes) petrifies me. I don't think I would ever do it.

d, you seem to do a lot of styles with your hair. I wish I could see pics.

I have tried the 50s bump look and like it a lot. My mum didn't understand it and wondered why I hadn't smoothed my hair properly. I think I will try the puff with the braid details. I also have a lot of jewelled hair accessories, which I don't use enough. I will think of more interesting ways to wear them.

SongReach said...

I think they have eletronic hot combs now..kinda like hot curlers.

Everchange said...

wow. you might want to delete the crap comment above.

Ore said...

I just deleted it. Thanks Grace!

uknaija said...

I just had my Christmas "barb"