Thursday, March 15, 2007

Break from Lagos

Next week I'll be in Abuja for a conference with a couple of my colleagues and I cannot wait. Our organisation will have a booth at the exhibit and I'm looking forward to a few work-free week. Sure, I'll technically be 'working', but it will be a different kind of work - one that I'm increasingly realising that I enjoy. We'll be talking up our oil and gas career awareness program and getting to meet people all day. Plus, I get to walk around and take in different sights; things that aren't easy to do in the office.

I'll also be VERY glad to leave Lagos for a while. The traffic has been crazy in the last few days, with political rallies and then ensuing fights between layabouts with nothing better to do. The electricity situation now can only be described as dire. At home, we are lucky to have a solar panel and battery that generates enough electricity to carry the TVs, lights, fans (though not the refridgerators, irons, freezers, microwave and air conditioners). We have used this for the last 10 years or so whenever PHCN has struck, switching to the generator at night or when we need to use one of the 'heavier' appliances, and it has proved to be a reliable source of power. However, with the immense pressure that our solar battery has been under lately, it is starting to go on the blink.

I have always enjoyed visiting Abuja. It is a much saner place than Lagos. As soon as I get off the plane, I can feel Lagos's stress ebbing away. Now more than ever, I look forward to a respite from this mad city that is Lagos.


Ejura said...

I was in Ghana once and in the taxi of this very inquisitive man.He asked me where I was from and I lied that I was from Togo.Then he asked me if I had ever been to Nigeria and I said no.
Then he launched into this vivid description of Abuja.
"It's a beautiful city,see the streets,see the buildings,streetlights everywhere,it's almost like London,or South Africa"
Amused,I asked him about Lagos and he was like "Ah,Lagos?That one is another story oh!..."A story you know to well!
So Ore,welcome to Abuja-naija's London.Make sure to have fun and if you have the time visit the suya spot in Wuse 2,near AP Plaza.It's amazing the Suya!

victor (non-blogger) said...

Even the O2 conc.'s slightly higher in

Pilgrimage to Self said...

The two years I spent working in Abuja were the two best years of my life. Lovely city, enjoy it.

Chxta said...

PTS's comments mirror my experience.