Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Questionnaire on African Women Bloggers

For African women who blog on issues that are of particular relevance to other women on the continent, please take some time to answer the following questions. I'm working on an article on how African women are using blogs to promote gender equity and empower themselves. Don't be scared! It looks like a lot of questions, but you'll zoom right through them -I promise!

I have an online survey up now, so you can take the survey there, or if you prefer, you can copy and paste the survey below into a Word document and fill-in your answers before emailing to me (oreblogging@yahoo.com).

General Information:
  • What is your age?
  • What is your country of residence?
  • What is your highest level of educational qualification?
  • Are you currently studying?
  • What is your current employment status?
  • What is your occupation?
Background Information on your Blog:
  • What is your blog URL?
  • When did you begin this/your blog (month and year)?
  • How frequently do you update this blog?
Your Purpose of Blogging:
  • Did you start this blog with specific topic(s) in mind to write about?
    • If ‘Yes’, what were the topics?

  • Indicate on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being ‘Very Important’ and 5 being ‘Very Unimportant’) how important it is to you to empower other women through your blog?

  • Do you identify yourself as a feminist?
    • If ‘No’, what are your reasons?

  • If you hope to empower women through your blog, how do you do this? (e.g. Bring to light issues of in justice against women; Foster a discussion between you and your readers; Mobilise people for specific social action; Share your perspective on women’s issues; Other – Please explain).
Blogs by African Women:
  • How do you think blogs can be used to promote women’s equity and empowerment?

  • What would you say are the most commonly-discussed topics on the blogs by African women that you have visited?

  • Do you feel that there are enough blogs by African women that address issues of gender equity, feminism, social development (especially as it pertains to women) and/or general issues of women’s empowerment?
    • If you feel there aren’t enough blogs that deal with these issues, what do you think are the reasons for this?

    • How do you think more African woman can be encouraged to blog about these issues?

  • Please name 5 blogs that address these issues (include the URLs).
    • What do you like about these blogs?

  • What are the unique features of blogs (or other web 2.0* tools) that make them suitable for raising issues of women’s empowerment?

  • Please name some organisations that you know of which use blogs or other web 2.0 tools for collaborative project work.

  • Generally speaking, what are some of the factors that you think might prevent many African women from blogging?

Please send your responses to oreblogging@yahoo.com. Feel free to forward to any African women bloggers you know of who are using their blogs to promote women's equality and empowerment. Meanwhile I might try and put this into a proper survey tool.

* Web 2.0 refers to proposed second generation Internet-based services that promote online collaboration and sharing of information among users e.g. blogs, wikis, social networking sites (e.g. MySpace), tags, video-sharing sites (e.g. YouTube, Google Video), photo-sharing sites (e.g. Flickr). (Check Wikipedia for more info.)


Shola said...

sounds interesting, whats the purpose of the survey?

refinedone said...

Thanks for asking that question Shola.. was just about to do the same.

I personally don't like the word feminist, gender equality and woman empowerment (in the way it has been presented on this survey) I may be wrong. so pls. elaborate more on your purpose of this survey.


Ore said...

Hello ladies, I'm trying to write an article on how African women are using blogs. I'm most interested in how African women are using blogs to empower themselves, draw attention to issues concerning them and connect with other women. That's why I use terms like "feminist", "gender equity" ("gender equality" was a typo - I don't like to use that term) and "women's empowerment."

If the article turns out well, I would be happy to share it with anyone who's interested.


ijeoma obu iheoma said...

great questions.. nice survey.. got me thinking about my blog and what i woul dlike to incorporate in it

obyno said...

Ore, you are right when you say that www.wikipedia.org, www.myspace.com and sites like www.youtube.com exemplify what web 2.0 is trying to be. However suggesting that 'collaboration' defines web 2.0 sort of describes a dog by calling it a paw. First of all web 2.0 is an as yet indefinite term which takes its coloration based on the web professional whom you ask for a definition. Secondly what runs through most informed comprehension of the term is the need for there to be 'user contribution' as opposed to collaboration. In collaboration a lot of people pursue an aim by being very nice to each other. In user contribution people don't have to be nice to each other while pursuing similar aims. The Chris Rockisms aside, web 2.0, I think, and here I am thinking with a very big think, since this feeling could change before 5 a.m tomorrow, is a way to take power from the big corporations who in the past told us what to watch on TV, and what music to buy from the street corner record shop and what news article to read in their arrogance besmirched newspapers, and give that power back to the masses - the people! That's how come we have youtube and Napster and Digg and all the other social bookmarking services.
About the feminist thing...hmmmn, I'd like to see how it works out. Oh I am rooting for you all the way, but I hope you would let them all speak in their true voices without attempting to articulate anything for them. Articulation would be censorship, no more or less. Real truth is always cacophonous but I bet you it would come shinning through without any assistance whatsoever.

Ore said...

Hi Oby,you are absolutely correct when you say that user contribution is an integral part of web 2.0 and I neglected to include that in my explanation of the term. And yes there is no single approved definition of web 2.0, but rather there are ideas of characteristics of web 2.0 tools e.g. users can contribute and share content, annotate, etc.

I am also curious to see how this article will turn out. While there is a lot that has been written about blogging in general, there is very little written on women's blogging habits and styles, much less African women.

mike said...

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mike said...

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