Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Hair Inspiration

I just found my new natural hair inspiration. My friend's mum! The humidity has been playing havoc on my hair - especially since I am not wearing it in any form of extensions at the moment - and I have been getting a tad bit tired of the constant shrinking (which is a characteristic of natural hair when faced with a lot of humidity).

Just as my disillusionment with my hair was reaching a peak, I went to visit my friend's mum and met with the most glorious sight. E's mum is visiting from the States and got in last night. So today, I went to the home of the family friends with whom she's staying. When I got inside, E's mum was standing there to greet me and she looked radiant with her long, thick natural hair tumbling down her back. E's mum hot combs her hair and styles it with rollers. The whole time I've known her (and it's been many, many years), she's worn her hair the same way. Her hair is so beautiful that I could not stop staring. "I want hair that is as thick and lustrous as that when I am her age" was all I could think. So I am doubly resolved not to use any chemicals on my hair.


Frances Uku said...

wish you had pics of E's mum, sniff! welcome back to lagos and to loving your hair.

laspapi said...

It was good to see you at the play, Ore. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Have a great week.

Chxta said...


Jola Naibi said...

Way to go...stick to your nappy hair my sista...I am doing the same, sometimes it can be a drag but it is only a momentary drag compared to the annoyance of losing your crowning glory. Your description of E's mom's hair inspired me too...keeping it natural all the way

Ore said...

Hi Frances, long time! How goes it? Yes, I wish I had a photo of E's mum hair too - just to sigh over.

Laspapi, dropped a comment on your blog. It was very cool to see your play. I really enjoyed it.

Jola, yes oh, I will continue to fly the nappy flag proudly.

Frances Uku said...

ah ah, 'how goes it' ke? abi did you not see the post i even dedicated to you sef?
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